On recommendation, I visited Nick after two years of an increasingly painful shoulder and upper arm. A good night's sleep had become a distant memory and the pain was having a serious impact on my life. At first, Nick recommended twice weekly visits, and gradually I felt an improvement. Now, after 8 months, and down to treatment once every four weeks, I can say that I am totally pain-free, and my quality of life has improved to a great degree.
Although Nick has warned that I may never be completely free of an incipient weakness in that area - owing to the length of time I suffered it before seeking therapy, and my age (70) - I can say that I will for ever be grateful to the friend who steered me in his direction, and of course Nick, who has treated me with such skill.

Sheila Webber. St Albans, Herts

Thank goodness for Coe Associates! When I slipped a disk in my lower back recently, I rang up whilst practically sobbing. Luckily I got a cancellation, and they are helping me back to recovery. I would definitely recommend this place! Nick Coe is super friendly and approachable. These are important qualities to look for when you're hobbling around in agony!

Emma Lewis

I was referred to Nick Coe by my employer (Herts. Fire & Rescue Service) more than 16 years ago, since then he has helped me manage a chronic back condition (degenerative disc disease) enabling me to conduct a ‘normal life’ through regular visits to his surgery for maintenance osteopathy treatment, for me he is an excellent osteopath and also a very pleasant chap.
I have no hesitation in recommending him.

David Kitchener, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire